GRPA Policy Manual

Section Description Revised
Section A
A-1 Cover 03/2015
A-2 Forward 03/2015
A-3 Table of Contents 03/2006
A-4 Purpose of Manual 03/2015
Section B
B-1 Articles of Incorporation 07/1990
B-2 Bylaws 11/2014
B-3 Planning Calendar 09/2015
Section C
C-1 Duties of Board Members 09-2014
Section D
D-1 Job Descriptions 07/2014
D-2 Personnel Policies 03/2015
D-3 Membership Reinvestment Policy 09/2014
Section E
E-1 District Map 03/2015
E-2 District Commissioner Duties 03/2015
E-3 1st District Bylaws 09-2012
E-4 1st District Athletic Supplement 12/2000
E-5 2nd District Bylaws 03-2015
E-6 2nd District Athletic Supplement 03/2015
E-7 3rd District Bylaws 05/2016
E-8 3rd District Athletic Supplement 05/2016
E-9 3rd District Awards Supplement 05/2016
E-10 4th District Bylaws 09/2001
E-11 4th District Athletic Supplement 09/2003
E-12 4th District Awards Supplement 09/2003
E-13 5th District Bylaws 09/2016
E-15 6th District Bylaws 04/2004
E-16 6th District Athletic Supplement 05/2004
E-17 6th District Awards Supplement 03/2005
E-18 7th District Bylaws 03/2014
E-19 7th District Procedures 05/2015
Section F
F-1 Administration/Leadership Network Bylaws 09/2014
F-2 Athletics/Aquatics Network Bylaws 09-2014
F-3 Parks Maintenance/Operations Network Bylaws 09/2014
F-4 Recreation Programming Network Bylaws 09-2014
Section G
G-1 Budget Process 09/2015
Section H
H-1 Standing Committees 03/2015
H-2 Annual Conference 03/2015
H-3 Athletic Committee 04/2016
H-4 Awards Committee 09/2015
H-5 Awards Criteria 09/2015
H-6 Budget and Finance Committee 03/2015
H-7 Documents Committee 09/2015
H-8 Editorial Committee 12/2014
H-9 Leisure Careers 09/2015
H-10 LCF Procedures 09/2000
H-11 Membership Committee 03/2015
H-12 Nominating 03/2015
H-13 Professional Development 03/2015
H-14 Public Policy Committee 03/2014
H-14.1 Public Policy Procedures 03/2014
H-15 Site Selection 03/2015
H-16 Marketing and Visibility Committee 03/2015
H-17 Leadership Committee 03/2014
H-18 Ad Hoc Conmmittees 03/2015
H-19 Technology Committee 03/2015
Section I
I-1 Change Form 1/2013
I-2 Mock By-Laws 03/2014
I-3 Smoking Policy 03/2015
I-4 Cosponsorships 03/2015
I-5 Change of Districts 03/2015
I-6 Code of Ethics 03/2015
I-7 Youth Sports Resolution 03/2015
I-8 Healthy Food and Beverages Choice Resolution 03/2015
I-9 Expression of Sympathy Policy 09-2014
I-10 Board of Trustees and Officers Code of Conduct 03-2015
I-11 Public Records Policy 03-2015
I-12 Document Retention and Destruction 03-2015
I-13 Whistleblower Protection 03-2015
Section J
J-1 Accounting Procedures 03/2015