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Job Title: Aquatics Supervisor
Department: Rockdale County Recreation & Maintenance
Location: Johnson Park
Job Code: 2017-5.11
Application Deadline: 2017-12-16
Minimum Education: High School
Minimum Experience: Must possess current Red Cross Lifeguard Certification, including CPRO and First Aid certification. Three years of similar experience. Equivalent combination of education and experience. WSI Certification. Water Fitness Instructor certification. Lifeguard Instructor. CPO (Certified Pool Operator) is preferred.
Salary: $29,972.80 - $39,370.76
Date Posted: 2017-10-18
Last Updated: 2017-10-18
Contact Name: April Green
Contact Method: By Email
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 7702787529
Contact Address:
Job Detail: These are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position.
Plans , organizes, coordinates and assigns staff work assignments.
Monitors the pool with constant attention to all swimmers in area of supervision by circulation around pool area.
Safeguards and regulates the conduct of patrons to prevent unsafe practices and accidents; warns users of existing safety hazards.
Responds promptly and appropriately when rescue or first aid is necessary.
Knows and enforces all pool rules.
Tests water and records results at scheduled times. Notifies supervisor if chlorine or pH is too high or too low, verbally and in writing.
Keeps pool area clean.
Arranges for coverage of shift in the event of absence.
Follows lifeguard maintenance schedule for pool/deck cleanings.
Conducts In-Service training for all lifeguards once a week.
Conducts safety checks in and around pool/building.
Works closely with the Maintenance Division to schedule major cleanings or repairs.
Conducts weekly and monthly inspections of Pool-Pak System and ensures that written reports are filed away.
Ensures that end of te year paper work is stored away.
Orders first-aid supplies, guard supplies, pool chemicals, cleaning supples, etc.
Trains and keeps staff current in all certifications.
Takes an active role in the monitoring of lap swimmers and ensures proper speed in lane.
Follows emergency action plan in even of an emergency or incident and follows-up to make sure all paper work is done.
Completes accident and injury reports thoroughly.
Takes out and puts in lane lines before, during or as your shift ends.
Attends all staff meetings and training.
Effects rescues and performs appropriate follow-up procedures including the use of any available equipment in the performance of first aid.
Participates in the maintenance and preparation of daily records relating to rescues, assists, first aid, water conditions, and sanitation.
Participates in recruitment, interviewing, hiring and dismissal of staff.
Offer safety training to the public at certain times of the year.
Schedules pool time for seasonal and year-round swim teams.
Participates in the summer swim league meets, meetings, etc.
Hires summer pool manager and staff for outdoor pool(s).
Collects money and handles all aspects of P-Card if assigned one.
Additional Duties
Employees in this classification may be expected to perform any related duties as required by proper authority.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of lifesaving techniques, methods, and procedures.
Knowledge of emergency first aid and resuscitation techniques and methods.
Knowledge of appropriate maintenance of pool equipment.
Knowledge of pool ultra violet filtration systems.
Skill in swimming and rescue activities.
Skill in administration of emergency first aid and artificial resuscitation.
Ability to react promptly and calmly in emergency, life threatening situation.
Ability to meet physical requirements of the job.
Ability to work nights, weekends, holidays and mornings.
Ability to occasionally swim long distances quickly.
Ability to reach with hands and arms and bend at the waist.
Ability to lift and/or move more than 100 pounds, unassisted.