Active Lifestyles Vital Communities

In 2006 the Georgia Recreation and Park Association (GRPA) contracted with a marketing consultant, Ellen O’Sullivan of Leisure Lifestyles, Inc. to create a comprehensive marketing plan for GRPA and its agencies. That year Mrs. O’Sullivan worked diligently with the Marketing and Visibility Committee, the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees and the membership to gather information for the plan. The plan was presented and adopted by the Board of Trustees in March 2007. Through that plan, the “Active Lifestyles…Vital Communities” (ALVC) marketing campaign was born. Since the ALVC’s inception the Marketing and Visibility Committee has been working to implement the campaign.

girljump_smWe are proud to say that “Active Lifestyles…Vital Communities”, the GRPA Marketing Plan, is currently in action! The three main goals for the ALVC marketing initiative undertaken during the presidency of Mr. Jimmy Gisi include building awareness for the values and benefits of parks and recreation, identifying emerging needs and interests of members, and heightening overall awareness of our association. The plan outlines outcomes for the first three years of implementation. We successfully completed the Year One outcomes. Those outcomes included the development of an ALVC Marketing Tool Kit including a logo, talking points and power point presentation, a State Conference Training Session on the Tool Kit, integration of ALVC into the conference theme, and to begin the process of revisions to the GRPA website. Each agency has received their Tool Kit and we encourage you to begin using the ALVC campaign to promote your department and its services. We understand that not all portions of the tool kit will work for your department, but it is our hope that everyone can use some elements.

fallgirl_smNow in 2008 the committee is excited to be working on the Year Two outcomes. These outcomes address the continuing education of the membership on the ALVC Tool Kit, encourage branding and consistency through the use of ALVC, completion of the revisions to the GRPA website, and a national celebration that all agencies can take part in and promote through ALVC (i.e. Georgia Games, July is Parks and Recreation Month). The final outcome will be a second conference training in Athens later this year.

We hope that in the coming months you will find the “Active Lifestyles…Vital Communities” Marketing Campaign something useful for your department. We encourage you to put the logo on your publications, T-shirts and websites, to try using the power point presentation when you speak to a group, or simply to use an ALVC talking point when speaking to the public. If at any time you have concerns or questions about the campaign contact your Marketing and Visibility Committee representative through your district or section or the current Committee Chair. Thank you and we appreciate your support of!

Neely Motiejunas
Spring 2008